About Us
In the past several years the trucking industry has noticed a large percentage of new owner operators. R & K Financial is proud to be a part of that growth. We have positioned ourself as one of the very few companies that truly specializes in approving start up owner operators.
This program not only helps new owner operators, but helps dealers and transportation brokers as well.

R&K Financial Services, Inc.
Phone: (877) 420-0069
Fax: (954) 420-5955
R & K Financial Services is a secondary source of
Commercial Truck and Trailer Financing
Our specialty is
First-Time Owner-Operators and New Business

Many trucking companies have contacted us looking for a financing program for trucks & trailers that are coming off their fleet.

Typically trucking companies have two choices. (1) wholesale their trucks or (2) sell their trucks at auction.

R & K has developed a in house financing program which trucking companies can use, at no cost to them. Simply stated, trucking companies can now retail their truck inventory.

We can approve their retail customers and help trucking companies retain more profit on each sale.

In addition we offer a referral program to the trucking companies. We can refer retail customers directly to the trucking companies who have inventory for sale. This not only helps our retail clients but also helps the trucking companies move more inventory.

Program Highlights:
* We can finance your owner operators *
* Higher profits for dealers *
* Constant referrals *
* We act as your in house credit and finance department *

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